Geek Blu Review: Taken 2


Bad guys are bad guys for a reason: they have no morals, no normal code of conduct and when one of them dies doing bad things, they must get revenge. This revenge is the central premise to Taken 2. A bunch of sick baddies die at the hands of Liam Neeson’s Brian Mills in the first film, baddies who kidnapped his daughter to sell into white slavery, so the families decide Mills and his family must pay. Only a bad guy thinks this way I tell you!

Taken 2 starts off with a slight recap of the events in Taken, mostly the kidnappers’ demise. A solemn figure promises revenge, swearing blood. We cut to Mills and his newest daughter, Kim – played by Maggie Grace, related frustration – driving tests and a boy. The new wrinkle in his life appears when his ex-wife (Famke Janssen) reveals she is separated from her rich as hell husband. Clearly the feelings are still there, something which is going to complicate his life considerably.

Thanks to a last-minute cancellation by the step-dad, Kim and her mom are left without a hang out for spring break. Mills invites them to spend time with him after he completes a job in Istanbul. Guess what’s going to happen there? If you guessed someone gets Taken, you win! To avoid spoilers, I’m stopping here in the story but if you’re a fan of the first, you need to watch Taken 2.


I loved the action scenes in the flick. Mills is a brutal and single focused type of guy, making him angry is never good. Every ounce of energy spent on the enemy is another brutal second of pain inflicted upon them. You would think one of them would just throw their hands up and say “Screw this!” then run away.

The fighting in Taken 2 is vicious. Every punch, every kick, every blow hurt me and I was only watching the movie. The accompanying sound effects jarred home the sick and twisted pain being dealt to the kidnapping foes. Even the gun fire, of which there was plenty, had that deep “I’m-right-in-the-middle-of-this-craziness” feeling. Watch it with a nice sound system and you’ll really appreciate it.

Special features are pretty standard here, we have deleted scenes, two cuts of the film, an animated look at the different tools Mills used in the movie and a pop-up overlay that gives fun facts while you watch the movie called the Black Ops Field Manual. There’s also a 25 minute alternate ending which is really alternate. Personally I’m glad they stuck with the other one.

Taken 2 may be “more of the same” but when that same is bone crunching, thug whopping bad assery, I’ll take it. I give Taken 2 a 7.75 out of 10. Thanks to Fox for the review copy!

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