Twitter account using social media to keep the PS4 DRM free.


After the muck up Microsoft has done with the antiquated DRM (digital rights management) on the Xbox One, many are now looking to Sony to present a next gen console that is used game friendly.

Twitter is the battleground where the new war is waged and the banners all say #PS4noDRM. Tweets are tagged with the hashtag, retweets are sent. Blows are close to being dealt and arrows are notched. The boiling oil is simmering.

It’s a simple but effective way for consumers to say how they feel and what they want. They want Sony to stick it right in the nose of Microsoft and say “Hey, play all the used games you want. Borrow your friend’s copy of Infamous Second Son. Have fun with your expensive gaming console, we’ll stay out of your way”.

Sony executives have to be listing as the grassroots campaign builds up steam. And listen they should as the console war hinges on which console policies stay consumer friendly. Microsoft has shown so far they would rather make policies that hinder the gaming community, policies that have enraged a large section of the community. MS has made things much, much worse with their “Mums the word” policy on the used games.

Sony has the chance to win back the market share they lost with the bungled PS3 launch. They could should make a single declaration that they won’t ban used games, that renting and borrowing will be a-okay with them. It would be a glorious revival of the brand.

Want to tell Sony that used games should be allowed in the next gen? Start tagging tweets with #PS4noDRM to get it trending. Tell Sony, hell tell Microsoft, that you won’t stand for it. Join the movement.


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