Five reasons Apple is doomed, doomed, doomed!

“You don’t have to turn the dial too far in order to find somebody singing the death knell for Apple [AAPL] and here’s five reasons they’re singing those shanties,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld.

Apple is losing to Android: Marketshare based on sales figures should be a big indicator of platform popularity. The ascendancy of Android tablets and smartphones suggests that there should be lots of people using those devices. They will be buying apps, browsing the Web and ads networks should be seeing heavy traffic from the dominant OS. Except that’s not what’s happening…

Apple has no place in the enterprise: Apple’s position in the enterprise has always been weak, and the debut of Win 8 PCs and Surface tablets should surely have wiped away all Apple’s gains in the sector. Except this isn’t what happened.

Apple is “too controlling”

Apple has run out of ideas

Apple isn’t focused on developing markets: It seems likely Apple will rue its lack of focus on developing markets, particularly China, a nation with which Apple’s main foe, Google, has such excellent relationships.

Much more in the full article here.

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