LG WCP-300 is smallest wireless charger in the world

Wireless charging has been an idea that was thrown around by many quarters for some time already, although it has not really caught on. Smartphones are the primary devices that support wireless charging capability, and for obvious reasons, too. After all, a smartphone is a device that we more or less tend to use up its supply of power each day, and will need to find a power outlet to plug in the charger and juice it up, and tablets come a close second. Well, wireless charging capability on select smartphones has been introduced in the past, but South Korean consumer electronics giant LG has decided to spruce things up a bit with wireless charging by introducing the LG WCP-300, and has attached the title of the “world’s smallest wireless charger” to it at the ongoing Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, where it measures a mere 6.9cm in diameter.

At that particular size, is it no wonder that the WCP-300 deserves its “title”? Specially designed to carry portability in mind, the LG WCP-300 might be small, but it sure as heck carries plenty of bite. Do not be fooled by its relatively diminutive size, as the charging area on the LG WCP-300 is actually 1.7 times wider compared to LG’s previous generation wireless charger. This new LG WCP-300 will also play nice with a standard 5-pin micro-USB charger, helping deliver the highest level of charging performance as well as user convenience.

Just how does the LG WCP-300 work? For starters, it will make use of electromagnetic induction technology, and will obviously have Qi certification thanks to the Wireless Power Consortium. Electromagnetic induction helps produce a magnetic field which will in turn, generate an electric current that juices up your device’s batteries when placed on the charging pad. As long as your device supports the Qi standard, it is good to go.

Press Release
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