Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse

A mouse is a mouse, don’t you think so? Some folks, especially gamers, do not agree with that particular statement, since they know that individual mice do come with its fair share of features and functions that can make or break a gamer. Well, here is a new take on the classic mouse, coming in the form of the 29.99 Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse.

What makes the Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse a whole lot different from the other mice in the market? For starters, it does not only control your on-screen cursor, but it also resembles a cursor, too! Specially designed to be easy to use, sporting a scroll wheel and some right click action, this mouse looks fantastic and is a snap to use. A built-in power indicator is located in the handle itself, lighting up whenever it starts to run low on batteries – a couple of AA puppies. The Mus3 Wireless Computer Mouse will play nice with Windows and OS X environments, and has a signal range of at least 2 meters.

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