Mexican teachers’ union boss arrested for alleged embezzlement of £100m

Officials accuse Elba Esther Gordillo of using union funds to pay for plastic surgery and buy a house in San Diego, US The head of Mexico’s powerful teachers’ union was arrested at an airport near Mexico City on Tuesday for alleged embezzlement, with federal officials accusing her of using union funds to pay for plastic … Continue reading

Shark kills man in New Zealand

Swimmer attacked and killed by great white in a rare fatal shark incident at Muriwai beach, north-west of Auckland A New Zealand man has been attacked and killed by a great white shark in a rare fatal shark incident in the country. Police said they fired shots at the shark after a swimmer was fatally … Continue reading

Nvidia Tegra 4 Specs And Battery Details Revealed By Nvidia (video)

Nvidia has released new Nvidia Tegra 4 specs this week in an interview with Nvidia’s Technical Marketing team, who revealed a little more detail about the new processor and its benchmarks. The video after the break reveals more information and Nvidia Tegra 4 specs with reference to the power consumption of the new Nvidia Tegra … Continue reading

HTC Tiara Windows Phone 8 Smartphone Specs Leaked

It would appear that HTC has a new Windows Phone 8 smartphone in the works, the HTC Tiara, and it will be one of the first handsets to run Windows Phone 8 GDR2, unfortunately we do not have any pictures of the handset just the rumored specifications. The HTC Tiara is rumored to feature a … Continue reading

We’re This Much Closer to Replacing Our Wallets With Phones

It sounds boring, but one of the most important frontiers in technology right now is how mobile can make paying for stuff easier. And while this year’s Mobile World Congress might have been a little lacking in four-star hardware, there were some serious steps taken towards replacing your wallet with your smartphone. Here are the … Continue reading

Overseas Hackers Have Been Snatching More Than 1TB of Data Per Day

According to a report obtained by The Verge, analysts from Florida-based Internet security firm Cymru have uncovered a massive foreign hacking enterprise that has somehow managed to steal more than a terabyte of data per day. Confirmed international targets include military and academic facilities in addition to a major search engine, among others. While the … Continue reading

Congress Should Listen To Marissa Mayer

Congress could learn some lessons from Silicon Valley. Extreme partisan gridlock over the federal budget is inching the country closer to drastic spending cuts, known ominously as “the sequester.” Yet, members of Congress used to be far more agreeable back when they weren’t occupied with four-day weekends raising cash in their districts and, instead, could … Continue reading

Intel Launches Hadoop Distribution And Project Rhino, An Effort To Bring Better Security To Big Data

Intel has launched its own Hadoop distribution, entering an already crowded market of major players all looking to get a piece of the big data pie. The company also announced an open-source effort to enhance security in Hadoop. Earlier this week, EMC and HP each announced its own Hadoop distribution. But for Intel, the challenge … Continue reading

The Web just got a speed boost: Facebook rewrites its Like Box plugin to be up to 4x faster

Facebook has announced the release of a new Like Box plugin, rewritten “from the ground up” to be up to four times faster with smaller components, less CSS (now inline) and asynchronously loading JavaScript. The Like Box plugin, pictured below, has proved extremely popular on the Web, but it has also become known for significantly … Continue reading

As ‘six strikes’ commences, AT&T promises to not slow customer connections over copyright violations

Yesterday TNW reported on the start of the ‘six strikes’ Copyright Alert System (CAS), by which ISPs will ferry copyright complaints from content owners to their customers, playing a middle role of both currier, and applicator of the stick. As part of our coverage, we noted that at least Verizon had plans to initiate, after … Continue reading