Spin Your Food to Maximize Flavor

Whenever I take time to marinate meat or vegetables I am surprised at the flavor that pops in my mouth. Chicken with Italian herbs works well, especially in summer. BBQ on anything gets better with more marinating time. And a balsamic & garlic combo yields nice flavors for grill veggies. There are plenty of recipes out there to help improve the flavor of meats and produce. Yet why is it that we often don’t think about it until an hour before dinner? If you are the chef in the house I am willing to bet you have arrived home some nights, wanting to cook but not having proper time to marinate. And unfortunately a chef’s ideas are only as good as their execution.

For those that don’t think ahead or those that do, check out the Marinade Express, $299.99 on Amazon.com. The concept revolves around (no pun intended) the fact that meats and veggies intake more flavors when tumbled. Their cell structure opens up and infusions of herbs and spices creep in after being battered around. Simply put your food and spices or herbs into the vacuum sealed container and tumble away. Former day or overnight processes will now take portions of an hour. Plus, anything potentially bad (bacteria, contaminants) literally spin out but food won’t dry out. You will get tender, well flavored food when cooked. The Marinade Express comes with a starter pack of marinade mixtures to give inspiration too. So if you are ready to turn ordinary meats or veg into extraordinary flavors (Marinade) Express them.

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