AppVentures Case Turns Your iPad Into A PlayHouse


This year’s American International Toy Fair is proving to be a tech convention as much as a toy show. We’re not just talking about iPad controlled remote helicopters that only grown ups should be playing with, or extra-protective cases that keep milk spills and accidental drops from destroying your iPad. This year, the AITF is showing off all kinds of toys that interact with iOS devices.

AppVentures will be on site at the AITF with their newest line of iPad-compatible toys. The iPad Play Case lets you turn your tablet into an interactive firehouse or dollhouse.

The AppVentures iPad Play Case is an easy-to-fit case that snaps over your iPad and turns it into a playhouse for your firefighter or doll figure. When you purchase the Play Case, you’ll get one figure with a scannable QR code that can be used with the compatible $0.99 iDollhouse or iFirefighter app. When you scan the figure, it will be virtually transported to the app so you can interact with your iPad and your playhouse.

With the compatible apps, you’ll be able to decorate your house, rearrange furniture, slide down a fire pole, put out fires, and a whole lot more. The best part is that you can take your entire playhouse with you.

The AppVentures iPad Play Cases are available now from the company’s website for only $19.99. Unfortunately, the shipping and handling cost is half the price of the case, so you’ll be spending about $30 on this fun little toy. If you wait long enough, it may end up on store shelves for less.

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