BlackBerry airs ‘What BlackBerry 10 Can’t Do’ Superbowl ad in first bid to woo the US

bb101 520x245 BlackBerry airs What BlackBerry 10 Cant Do Superbowl ad in first bid to woo the US

BlackBerry has made its first play for the US market after its BlackBerry 10 Superbowl ad went live at today’s big game.

Despite the occasion itself running into issues with an extended power outage, the company-formerly-known-as-RIM‘s advert did make it out before there were problems. The 30-second ad spot itself goes into no detail on the device, instead BlackBerry says it is quicker to show you what the touch screen Z10 phone can’t do in that time. That’s good news if you’ve ever been set on fire, got elephant legs or been seconds away from being hit by an out-of-control truck.

Shame it couldn’t fix that power outage, huh?

Will this 30 second video pique the interest of US consumers, despite the fact that they must wait until March for the device to be in their hands?

There’s still no news on the keyboard-sporting Q10 which, according to RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, isn’t likely to launch until April since the Z10 is the immediate priority.

Image via Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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