Facebook Adds Video Posting To iOS App, Still No Messenger App for iPad

Facebook 1

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook held a super special press conference where many tablet owners speculated that this is where the company would announce it had finally added iPad optimization to the Messenger app. Nope. All we got was some information about a creepy search engine that is going to read our timeline and sell us stuff based on what we and our friends do.

Yesterday, Facebook quietly updated its official iOS app to allow users to post video clips to their timeline. It may not be Messenger for iPad, but it will do for now.

The update, launched late yesterday afternoon, includes the ability to record a video clip of yourself, or your surroundings, right from within the app. All you have to do is tap the “Photo” tab and you can choose to either take a picture or video, or choose from your device’s library. You can take up to two minutes of video and then post it to your timeline.

Users can also send audio messages directly to friends using the chat function. When you respond to a message within the Facebook app, tap the microphone icon to record an audio message.

Facebook also updated the “Nearby” tab to make it easier for users to let others know where they are at, or find friends in the area.

It may not be full support for Messenger, but at least the official Facebook app has improved chat functions. Until Messenger gets iPad optimization, I guess we can live with this.

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