Are You Going to Buy a New BlackBerry?

So, you’ve read about the new BlackBerrys in exhaustive detail. One big questions remains, though: are any of you actually going to buy one?

BlackBerry Q10 pictures and hands-on

It’s the Bold! If you’ve got a BlackBerry Bold in your pocket, then you may well have your eye on the BlackBerry Q10. While BlackBerry – ditching the RIM name – launched the BlackBerry Z10 today as the lead device for the new BlackBerry 10 operating system, the keyboard-touting Q10 is the device that displays … Continue reading

Samsung Adds Multiwindow Mojo to Android

Samsung’s recent Android 4.1.2 upgrade for the Galaxy Note 10.1 adds power and flexibility to the company’s unique offering of Android multiwindowing features. With this update, the Galaxy Note 10.1 can run up to 16 multiwindow-enabled Android apps at once, Windows/Mac-like, on a single screen. Apps endowed with Samsung’s multiwindow technology are usable in three … Continue reading

More Hybrid Tablet/Notebooks Vs. Microsoft Surface

Everyone knows the Microsoft Surface now because of the ubiquitous and catchy TV ads, but the rest of the PC industry is trying the same thing: Take a tablet and a separate, but attachable keyboard, and sell them as a hybrid device that can be used as either a tablet or a conventional notebook computer. … Continue reading

Light Your Space and Be Unique

Vintage is in! Retro anything seems to attract attention. For some of us we flashback to our younger days. Others that are too young just think retro equals cool. More unique creations pop up on the market every day. Creative types seem to be looking at what many of us consider ‘old and trash bound’ … Continue reading

The BlackBerry Book

The BlackBerry Book Gone are the days when BlackBerrys were only used by professionals who wanted to access email accounts away from the office. Even though they still remain the ultimate device for business men and women alike, they are so much more than that. And as the devices improve and the system updates bring … Continue reading

PadGadget Photobooth – Check Out These Great Photography Magazines

Last week I introduced PadGadget Photobooth, where I will be sharing photography apps and accessories that have been designed for Apple’s iPad. The iPad is a great resource for taking and editing pictures, but this week, I thought I would highlight another great use for the iPad – entertainment. If you have a spare moment … Continue reading

Facebook Adds Video Posting To iOS App, Still No Messenger App for iPad

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook held a super special press conference where many tablet owners speculated that this is where the company would announce it had finally added iPad optimization to the Messenger app. Nope. All we got was some information about a creepy search engine that is going to read our timeline and … Continue reading

It’s Tax Time, which means paperwork, unless you go paperless with Doxie

I”500px””500px”/images/upload/article/aggregator/2013-01-31/8429571573_25f3c3111f.jpg’ /> I like that the Doxie is fast and portable. Instead of bringing your receipts to a traditional scanner connected to your desktop computer, you can bring the Doxie anywhere it’s convenient and scan away. The Doxie is fast, too, and does the unthinkable, by making paperwork a joy!

MentalKase for iPhone 4/4s/5

Here’s a mentalKase for you and your iPhone. It’s a Kickstarter project, which means that they are seeking funds to put the product into production. You may remember that I love Kickstarter projects and encourage your support. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You’ve already got a picture above. I wonder how … Continue reading