2012 Acura NSX

Acura chose Detroit to unveil its mid-engine hybrid NSX sports car, the 2012 Acura NSX concept car. Honda confirmed that although branded a ‘concept’ at the Detroit motor show, they fully intend to put this 2012 Acura NSX concept model into production, so the hype can begin now for future potential owners. The 2012 Acura NSX is slated to be built in Ohio and features the super hybrid all wheel drive system that Honda has pioneered.

Styling wise, the new Acura NSX combines sporty and exotic design cues into a single package, some may even say that certain elements remind of BMW’s i8 hybrid sports car. If you’re looking for Honda contract hire in the meantime, then now is the time to get in before the 2012 Acura NSX release date comes by.

One thing you should notice about the car is that all 2012 products are assembled manually by craftsmen Acura, so you can be sure that it will be assembled correctly. The 2012 Acura NSX not only has a beautiful exterior and interior design, but the car is also equipped with many modern automobile technology and a lot of fancy features, 2012 Acura NSX in fact, the first car that is able to offer an original VTEC or also known as variable valve timing and lift electronic control system. VTEC is capable of delivering this car with the high end and low end torque, in addition to the innovative system.

2012 Acura NSX engine

The NSX that never came to fruition was a V-10-powered, front-engine, very expensive supercar of a different feather. The NSX Concept we see today is something that, while still high-tech and innovative, is far more production-ready and likely to see relatively widespread sales, as Acura intends to build this NSX for sale sometime in the next three years.

Powered by a direct-injection VTEC V-6 engine paired with a Sport Hybrid drive system that uses a pair of electric motors at the front combined with a Bilateral Torque Adjustable Control System and a dual-clutch gearbox-mounted electric motor, the NSX’s mid-engine, SH-AWD all-wheel-drive layout is borderline supercar territory in specification, not far off Porsche’s 918 Spyder. In fact, Acura is calling the NSX Concept a supercar, though in modern parlance, it’s likely a few hundred horsepower short of the appellation.

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