Create a Custom Story Book for Your Kids With These iPad Apps

Tis the season for iPads to join families, many of which include children who will be using the tablets for the first time. The available apps are countless, whether you reach for something educational or just purely entertaining… but why choose? With a personalized storybook, you can put your child into the story while enjoying all the benefits of reading books together.

Take a look at a few excellent choices for creating your own personalized storybooks, starring your child!

1. Starring You StoryBooks (Free) – Once you download this free app you will be presented with the opportunity to purchase the storybooks that interest you (and suit your child best) in-app. Individual books are priced ad USD $7.99, but you can also grab a subscription for $3.99 per month that gives you access to one of their titles plus reduces the per-book price to a rate of $1.99 each. The books are very easy to personalize and feature a variety of colorful illustrations and animations!

2. Christmas Cutie – Picture Me ($1.99) – If you like the idea of a Christmas-themed story, look no further than Christmas Cutie. Take or add photos to turn your child (or children) into elves and other characters in this whimsical story filled with professional artwork and narration. If you enjoy this title, the developers at Oceanhouse Media have other titles as well, including ‘Cute as Can Bee‘ and ‘Cuddly as a Bunny‘. These books are especially fun because you can involve the whole family –imagine the joy on everybody’s faces as they become the stars of the story!

3. Put Me In The Story – Personalized Books (Free) – This app allows you to personalize bestselling books like The Night Night Book by Marianne Richmond. Boasting “sparkling animation and moveable illustrations,” this app lets you personalize each title with your child’s picture and name. Other titles include: ‘Dream Big, Little Pig!’
by Kristi Yamaguchi, ‘If I Could Keep You Little…’ by Marianne Richmond and ‘Santa is Coming to My House’ by Steve Smallman.

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