SIGGRPAH Asia tech papers summarized in impressive graphics video

Every year in August computer graphics professionals come together in Los Angeles to attend the SIGGRAPH conference and share their latest technology. One of the outcomes of the conference is we get to see the next iteration of graphics technology that will be used in areas like gaming, 3D modeling, and behavior simulation.

We covered the technical paper review for this year’s event back in May with an impressive preview video being released. Now we’ve got another one for you to watch, only this time its from SIGGRAPH Asia, held on November 20 in Singapore.

Everything in this video counts as impressive tech, but there’s a few standout demonstrations. For example, using thermal imaging to map out hair geometry with minimal work required on the part of a 3D modeler. Better skinning techniques and joint deformation should also make characters in motion look all the more realistic.

The demo that removes artifacts from scanned comics should mean converting older comics into digital form results in a perfect copy, which will make restoration and archiving that much easier. The scribble-based tool for coloring in images is surely going to find its way into a drawing app for tablets, and the automatic model decomposition for 3D printing will have a positive impact on what you can create and 3D print at home (eventually).

For the moment these are just technical papers and a glimpse of the future, but they do have working software solutions so can’t be that far off. Hopefully, it wont be too long before they get integrated into the popular 3D modeling and simulation packages and we as end users can start enjoying the results.

via BoingBoing

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