Favi Entertainment Wireless Keyboard


Not that the readers have asked, but some of you may wonder how I get the idea to review certain products. On any given day, you will find The Internet and Technology Examiner glued to the TV watching Leo Laporte and TwIT (This Week in Tech) TV or I Want That. You may also notice me aimlessly wandering the aisles of MicroCenter or Staples, or reading one of my religious testaments, a.k.a The Best Buy circular.

Well the other day in my aimless wanderings, I came across the Favi Wireless Keyboard and touchpad mouse.

It turns any Bluetooth device into a mini (pseudo) computer. This includes (and tested on);


      Android Tablet

      Motorola flip phone

      iPad 2

      Large all-in-one pc (with included usb Bluetooth adaptor)

It also comes with a USB Bluetooth device for remote control of older computers. It’s included laser pointer combined with that remote control ability makes this “THE” office tool as well.

After charging for about an hour, pairing took no more than 30 seconds on any of the aforementioned devices.

In each case, the typing and general control of the device(s) was easy and seamless.  With the exception of some keys not being compatible to some devices, its performance was flawless.

I found this to be extremely helpful and useful with the iPhone and smaller flip phone, as it is a full keyboard set and easier to use than the onscreen one for the iPhone.

When hooked up to a larger desktop computer, it was like it had its own remote control. Once the alignment of the touch pad was set, it was like having a full wireless device in my hand. I was 15 feet away and around corners, still controlling the computer.

The usual keys are present, as well as a right and left mouse click, volume up/down, home and windows start key. On OSx Mountain Lion, the key that would be the Windows start key is what launches the “launch pad”. There is also a backlight feature that is perfect for late night work.

All in all, this was a great find and makes a great addition to the portable and even the not so portable devices you need to control. 

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