Nexus 7 32GB hits Office Depot for $249.99

So you just became the proud owner of a 16GB Nexus 7? Well, prepare yourself for some serious buyer’s remorse, because the 32GB Nexus is now listed on the Office Depot website and it’s going to sell for exactly the same price you paid for your half-capacity slate.

Normally that additional NAND would command a steep premium: stepping up from the 16GB iPad to the 32GB model would cost you an extra $100. Google and Asus, however, have seen fit to keep the price point the same ($249) for the most capacious Nexus 7 despite the upgrade. No word yet on what’s going to happen to the 8GB model, but it could see a price cut or be dropped entirely in favor of starting Nexus tablet owners off with a minimum of 16GB of storage.

The bump may have something to do with Apple’s recent unveiling of the iPad mini, which Google might be hoping to head off at the pass. The mini ships in 16GB or 32GB, too, so perhaps Google decided that the move was necessary to assure shoppers that they’re getting just as much tablet for $199 or $249 as they would if they spent considerably more on Apple’s smaller iPad.

Google was expected to announce the 32GB Nexus 7 at an event on Monday, but the cat’s out of the bag now. It’s already been shipped to one lucky customer who had ordered a 16GB tablet and spotted in a Christmas catalog, and by all accounts Office Depot appears to be willing to add the new model to shopping carts and sell them a few days before they’ve been made official.

More at Office Depot

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