Steve Jobs is still very much guiding Apple

“Steve Jobs may not be managing Apple any more, but we haven’t really entered the post-Jobs era yet,” Sascha Segan writes for ITProPortal. “Because product cycles are long, the new Apple gadgets we’re seeing now are all devices Jobs had a real hand in creating. It’ll be at least another six months before we see the first Apple gadgets without Steve Jobs’ ideas driving them.”

Segan writes, “Jobs famously disparaged 7in tablets, saying that they were only usable by deformed mutants. But it was a common rhetorical strategy of Jobs to curse whatever he was working on at the moment. Jobs said that nobody wanted to read books on an LCD screen, and released iBooks; he said nobody wanted to watch video on a handheld, and released the video iPod.”

Segan writes, “Apple has been able to move ahead in the past year through a combination of Steve Jobs’ ideas and the team he set up. Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Phil Schiller, and Scott Forstall all worked with, and learned from Jobs for years. But Jobs’ ideas, and his team, won’t last forever; Jobs’ pick to head Apple’s retail stores, Ron Johnson, is already gone. When we think of a post-Steve Jobs era, next year is really the year to watch.”

Read more in the full article here.

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