Acer delays Windows RT devices, wants to see how Surface goes over

While a number of PC OEMs have begun taking pre-orders for Windows RT tablets and convertibles, it looks like Acer has decided to sit out the first (and perhaps second round of launches. Dell, Samsung, Asus, and Microsoft will all begin shipping their models over the next couple weeks. Acer isn’t the first company to … Continue reading

Disney buys George Lucas’s Lucasfilm and ‘Star Wars’ franchise for $4.05 billion

“Walt Disney Co has agreed to buy filmmaker George Lucas’s Lucasfilm Ltd and the ‘Star Wars’ franchise for $4.05 billion in cash and stock, a blockbuster deal that adds one of the most beloved franchises in entertainment history to Disney’s lineup,” Lisa Richwine and Ronald Grover report for Reuters. “Disney said there would be a … Continue reading

Tomorrow’s hard drives, descended from… cassette tapes? A stack of compact cassette tapes Advertise | AdChoices Advertise | AdChoices Data-hungry users and services may soon have a new way to store terabytes of data, but the new tech isn’t solid-state memory like your tablet or spinning hard disks like your desktop. It has more in common with the venerable cassette tape. … Continue reading

Seidio OBEX case for the Galaxy S3

So you have decided to get yourself a spanking new smartphone, and have made up your mind to roll with Samsung and their Galaxy S3 this time around after being stuck on Apple’s ecosystem for a fair number of years already. Well, to make sure that you are able to eke out the most from … Continue reading

Ten Tips to Get Your iPad Ready for Hurricane Sandy or Other Emergency

News sites are calling hurricane Sandy one of the biggest storms to ever hit the United States. Schools have shut down, the Stock Exchange is closed, flights are grounded, and several states have declared a state of emergency as the storm bears down on the eastern seaboard. If you’re in the storm’s path, there are … Continue reading

Obama reveals what’s on his Apple iPod on radio show

“As Hurricane Sandy barreled toward the Mid-Atlantic this morning, and the White House scrambled to get the commander in chief back to Washington, President Obama could be heard on the radio airwaves in battleground Ohio talking about his iPod,” Devin Dwyer and Jake Tapper report for ABC News. “‘I’ve got a pretty good mix. I’ve … Continue reading

Sprint Launches Android Application for Push to Talk

Sprint has announced that it has launched a new application for Android smartphones that lack the push to talk button called Sprint Direct Connect. The application enables push to talk capabilities for the Kyocera Rise and other devices including the LG Optimus Elite.

iPad For Dummies (For Dummies (Computers)) Reviews

iPad For Dummies (For Dummies Computers The up-to-date guide to getting the most out of your iPad or iPad 2!There are many tablets, but there’s just one iPad, beloved by everyone from techies and business people to toddlers and their grandparents. With an elegantly thin new form, front-and-rear-facing cameras, and more exciting new features, the … Continue reading

Favi Entertainment Wireless Keyboard

  Not that the readers have asked, but some of you may wonder how I get the idea to review certain products. On any given day, you will find The Internet and Technology Examiner glued to the TV watching Leo Laporte and TwIT (This Week in Tech) TV or I Want That. You may also … Continue reading

Nexus 7 32GB hits Office Depot for $249.99

So you just became the proud owner of a 16GB Nexus 7? Well, prepare yourself for some serious buyer’s remorse, because the 32GB Nexus is now listed on the Office Depot website and it’s going to sell for exactly the same price you paid for your half-capacity slate. Normally that additional NAND would command a … Continue reading