iOS 6 in 6 minutes

If you don’t have time to read our definitive iOS 6 review but you still want to see all the highlights — Maps, Siri extensions, Passbook, Guided Access, Shared Photo Streams, and more — then here’s everything you need to know about iOS 6 in just 6 minutes. iOS 6 includes 10 major and, according … Continue reading

Find all the iPhone 5 chatter in the iMore forums!

It’s iPhone 5 day, and the iMore forums are bursting with people chatting about their new phones. Whether it be issues needing some advice, praise for new features, or any number of other topics, you’re sure to find it in our forums. Over in the iPhone Accessories forum, for example, iMore member Quarks_ started a … Continue reading

25 new fun things to ask Apple’s souped up Siri in iOS 6

“Since iOS 6 is now out in the wild I decided to do a follow up [to “25 Fun Things to Ask Siri”] and give you 25 New Things to Ask Siri,” Terry White blogs. In no particular order here we go: Tweet “Having fun with Siri and iOS 6 Play Angry BirdsPost to Facebook … Continue reading

iPhone 5 camera review

Although the iPhone 5 didn’t get a megapixel boost in comparison with the iPhone 4S, it still received some nice upgrades to the lens and sensor that increase photo capture speed by 20% and improved noise reduction. Before we jump into some sample photos, let’s take a look at the external design of the camera. … Continue reading

Maps in iOS 6 facing user complaints, Apple says it will get better

Apple’s recently released Maps app that replaces Google Maps in iOS 6 has gotten quite a bit of criticism in the 24 hours since it was released. Apple recently responded to these claims stating that “it will get better”. As of iOS 6, users no longer have the built-in Google Maps anymore but their own … Continue reading

Some iPad Apps Now Prompting When They Have an iOS 6 Update

This is something I’ve not see before. This morning when I opened the Weather HD app on my iPad I got the huge popover message shown above, letting me know that the app has an update available for iOS 6. The wording is like so: Dear Weather HD Users A new update, 2.0.2, is now … Continue reading

New iPod touch, iPod nano, iPod shuffle now available for pre-order from Amazon

If you’ve had your eyes on a new iPod touch, iPod nano, or iPod shuffle, but prefer doing your pre-ordering through Amazon than Apple, you’re in luck — Amazon has just put their new iPod pre-order page live! It’s the same iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle you’d get from Apple — absent the … Continue reading

Apple A6 Processor is a Custom Apple Design, Prioritizing Performance and Power Efficiency

As part of their iPhone 5 announcement, Apple revealed that the new iPhone is powered by a new “A6” processor from Apple. The A6 is said to have twice the CPU power and twice the GPU power of the previous generation Apple A5 processor. Beyond that, however, Apple offered few other details about the nature … Continue reading

Will a iphone 2g battery work with a iphone 1g?

I have the first generation iphone (1g) and I was wondering if I could use a iphone 2g battery with my 1g iphone.I don’t think the iphone 3g battery will work because it uses a different connector so I was just wondering if a iphone 2g battery would work in a iphone 1g.

91% of All Tablet Web Traffic & Other Crazy iPad Numbers at Today’s Apple Event

Image Source: Gdgt Today’s big Apple event was all about the iPhone, iOS 6, a major refresh to the iPod lineup and more – but it also featured some big, crazy iPad numbers. Here are some of the iPad related numbers that caught my eye: – 17 million iPads sold last quarter – a new … Continue reading