Analyst: Why Apple whiffed on iPhone 5 sales

“Apple sold 5 million iPhone 5s during the first three days of sales, whiffing on analysts expectations,” Jay Yarow reports for The Business Insider.

“For instance, Brian White at Topeka Capital was calling for Apple to sell 6-6.5 million iPhones,” Yarow reports. “So, how did Apple come up short?”

Yarow reports, “Here’s White’s explanation: ‘We believe this shortfall is largely due to supply availability and the fact that most consumers are opting for the pre-order option.’ Over the phone White tells us that he thinks more and more people are becoming comfortable with the pre-order option. They will pre-order the phone rather than wait in lines. Those orders aren’t shipped on the opening weekend, so they’re not included in opening sales.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Beleaguered.

We’d comment further, but we’re too busy backing up the truck right now…

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