USB Solar Charger Tree

Help eliminate electricity bill and do something good for the environment with the USB Photo voltaic Charger Shrub to bill all your mobile devices and other Thumbs powered the electronics. If you don’t have already the connector, chances are that this unique kit are going to have what you’re in need of since it is included with enough bands (Nokia When i (3.5mm), Little black dress USB (intended for Motorola/HTC/Dopod/MP3/MP4), Samsung, target USB, Nokia II (Only two.5mm), PSP, Whirlpool, Samsung i900) in order to make the geekiest of geeks jealous.With the simple directions, set-up is simple and you need only hook up a few wires and cables, insert a tree offices and attach all the nine solar power panels. Think of the Photo voltaic Charger Tree as a decreased maintenance Bonsai tree for your electronics…And when the sun isn’t shining, don’t worry. That Solar Woods can also implement AC capability to charge your current electronics.

USB Solar Charger Tree

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