The Multitool with an apple iphone Tripod Built-in

The Multitool with an iPhone Tripod Built In

Dear Journal, The Ides of March. It’s obviously time. For what? I don’t learn. All I’m sure is that things are all crazy around. Corporate zombies. They’re all over the place. Shambling around office buildings with their clear, dead view. Looking person, and not person. Every day I invested among them I felt any creeping, crawling sense of unease. Similar to my joy was being sucked from my heart. Bit by bit. Get, drip, drop. Out that went until eventually I was some sort of husk of my own former do-it-yourself. I had to avoid. It’s been in regards to week out and about here. Despite the hardships of just living off the property, I’m doing well and also feeling happier. I’m breathing beautiful and enjoyment. HAPPINESS. Give thanks to goodness for our Gerber Tripod Multitool.

The blades, screwdrivers, and other tools sometimes make survival in the woods easier. I’ve been using the solar charger to keep this apple iphone installed and operating and have also been uploading pics so that you can Tumblr. I thought it was nameless, but they’ve located me. They’re coming. I see these in the shadows. The only way outside is to block the tether that will ties my family to the zombie-ridden world… but can I stab my true spouse? My one friend? My… this apple iphone ?

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