New Money Saving iHome Android accessories

Owners of iOS mobile phones have a vast selection of accessories to choose from especially when considering docking stations, which is a sector how the Android platform will be left behind inside. Now however there is corporation more famous for its iOS items set to make available some money saving Android accessories.

iHome is defined to give Android units some appreciate with the release of the iC3, iC16, and iC50 that may be of interest to many Android buyers out there. First of all is the iC50 which according to Ubergizmo has called the Space Saver FM Stereo audio Alarm Clock Stereo for Android Mobile phones by the corporation.

Android smartphone owners can join their machine to the ipod dock via a sliding off the road micro USB plug that takes under consideration the various positions that the target USB port can be located on an Android machine, and also the several sizes of them. While asking your handset the iC50 is going to double as a stereo alarm clock with built-in FM tuner, and will work with a iHome Sleep use and is costing $59.99.

Subsequent in the brand new range would be the iC3 that is a remain and hifi speaker to your Android device and as well features a moving micro USB connector, but as it is larger this iC3 can also cater to an Android pill. This can be driven via several AA battery power or an Alternating current adapter plus priced at $39.Ninety nine. The iC16 is alleged to be a far more portable version of the iC50 yet has the increased bonus of an USB port allowing you to charge a further device, which is priced at $59.Ninety nine.

New money saving iHome Android accessories

Strangely whenever going to the iHome internet site the Android backpacks are currently not really shown however they can be found through Amazon for the seemingly lower price. Do you just like the look with the Android iHome products?

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