Design project Fuso Concept II by Mitsubishi Fuso Co.

Design project Fuso Concept II

FUSO-Concept II” is a style and design concept type of a heavy-duty pickup truck eying the private vehicles marketplace with 2032, the 100th anniversary 12 months of the Fuso model. “The commercial automobiles industry throughout twenty years will see the Asian travelling network thoroughly interconnected so that you can The european union.Inches said Mister. Gustav Tuschen, MFTBC Vice President regarding Product Design. “In addition to that, advanced systems will also go to a leap, just like realization with automated vehicle formation driving a vehicle and significant advance inside battery along with fuel mobile technologies.” Based on such forecasts, FUSO-Concept II foresees vehicles on the Asian Highway AH1 hooking up Tokyo and Istanbul inside 2032.

It is created to improve aerodynamics and payload overall performance and incorporated such capabilities as solar power panel-generated hybrid technologies and usage of programmed vehicle structure driving manner. The wind resistant front end in addition to efficient again will tremendously reduces surroundings resistance. To have an even greater effect, the vacation cabin and cargo compartment blended into a a single part. A cabin alone has a spectacular glass that gives excellent visibility and comfort for any car owner.

Design project Fuso Concept II 02

Design project Fuso Concept II 03

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