Twelve Things About Voxer’s Tom Katis

Frustration was the impetus for Tom Katis to co-found Voxer in 2007. While he was serving in the U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan, he experienced the limitations of communication via military walkie-talkie firsthand. Now his push-to-talk app is looking to be the Nextel of the future, with free Voxer Pro and Voxer Pro for Business … Continue reading

Mafia Wars for iPhone 4 – A must play

Yes, Mafia Wars as played on Facebook is now available on iPhone 4. I tried it on iPhone and wasn’t disappointed. However, I find a few stuck ups which can be improved to make this iPhone game app a real buster. Firstly, the graphics are significantly improved. This means a lot of bad war stuff … Continue reading

White iPhone 4 or Black iPhone5?

Give me a good reason to wait for June 2011. Many believe that if white iPhone 4 would be impersonating iPhone 5 in June 2011. If you think the same, we are on the same side. There can be many reasons to remember and many rumors to rationalize regarding iPhone 4 white versions and the … Continue reading

Portable iTunes games are thrilling distraction

We all are brought up with the old computer games. Nintendo, Sega, PSP, arcade games all have played a vital role in forming our personality. Those of us who are majorly interested in fighting games like combat, NOVA, ninja, prince of Persia, perfect soldier and Pit fighter have aggressive personality. Those who spend most of … Continue reading

Square Register Adds Offline Card Processing and Inventory Tracking

Not too long ago I wrote about the beneficial competition between point-of-sale app developers and today we see yet another benefit of the competition heating up. Square has announced three new features which are going to provide indispensable infrastructure to small and growing businesses. The three features are Square Pickup, Offline Mode, and Inventory Tracking. … Continue reading

Apple is at the top in U.S among all Smartphone sales while Android leading elsewhere, according to Kantar Worldpanel.

Smartphone’s by Samsung are considered most popular around the world but in the market of U.S, Apple has gained the top position through its iPhone 5. Kantar World Panel Com Tech has released the latest figure which shows that among all Smartphone sales Apple’s iPhone 5 accounted for 48 percent sales in the country. Android … Continue reading

Court ruled ban on some of the Samsung Galaxy products for sales in Netherlands.

Today a rule was passed by a Dutch court that the products by Samsung Galaxy that use Android 2.2.1 and does not use the image gallery software of Samsung will be banned for sale. The Court of The Hague also ordered Samsung to show its profit from the sales of Galaxy device since 27th June … Continue reading

Don’t Get Too Excited About GlobalFoundries and Apple — At Least, Not Just Yet

Don’t get too excited about an intriguing story from the Albany Times Union saying that chip-manufacturing company GlobalFoundries may soon start turning out chips for Apple’s iPhones and iPads at a factory in upstate New York. I’ve been checking with industry sources who have a pretty clear picture about what may be going on. And … Continue reading

Russia’s Hopes to Crack U.S. Market With Mobile Chat and Email Programs

Russian Internet company is making its foray into the U.S. market on Tuesday, announcing mail and chat programs for both iOS and Android. MyMail is designed to offer an alternative to the built-in email programs on iOS and Android, while MyChat is another entrant into the crowded messaging space led by WhatsApp and other … Continue reading

ABI Research shared that Apple’s Market share in smartphone will reach to 22% in 2013

Analyst of ABI Research has predicted that in global smartphone market, Apple’s share will reach to 22% this year. With Samsung’s domination in the market, it is expected that Apple’s share will remain flat till the year 2018. These predictions have been obtained from the latest report of ABI latest mobile handset market report.The senior … Continue reading


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